Based in Victoria, British Columbia, Peter Brunette composes—and occasionally even performs—songs that celebrate the joys and follies of everyday life, revel in the glory of the expanding universe, and stick it to the powers that be.

Whether singing of the passion and fragility of young love, the sedate but durable charms of the more seasoned variety, the colorful history of his home province, the beauty of the glacier lily, or the mating habits of the leatherback turtle, Peter never fails to set arresting words to his infectious melodies.

Peter’s first CD, Meadowlark, produced by Corwin Fox and comprising twelve original compositions, was released in 2015. The album showcases Peter’s distinctive songwriting and down-home vocal style, complemented by Corwin’s sparkling arrangements for guitar, mandolin, fiddle, accordion, banjo, and more than half a dozen other instruments and voices. It has received airplay on CBC Radio as well as campus and community stations across western Canada and has charted in the Top 10 Roots Albums. One of the tracks, “Cordillera,” has been chosen as the theme song of the Cordillera Campaign.

At present, Peter isn’t charging for his music (although he does retain the copyright). You’re welcome to play and download tracks using the player below. If you would like a physical copy of the Meadowlark CD, just send Peter an email message with your name and postal address.
  1. Rosalie
  2. Over and Over Again
  3. Strait of Georgia
  4. Let the Love in Your Heart Shine
  5. Jack of Diamonds
  6. Lily of the Highlands
  7. Cordillera
  8. Mama, Let Me Be Your Loving Man
  9. Animal Shows
  10. A Plain Old Song
  11. The Mountains Will Abide
  12. Meadowlark

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