Strait of Georgia

Words and music by Peter Brunette
Came from California, started out to roam
Didn’t want to go to Vietnam
Stole across the border, looking for a home
Now I know just who and where I am


It’s summertime on Vancouver Island
Ain’t no other place I’d rather be
Summertime on the Strait of Georgia
Where the snowcapped mountains meet the sea

First place that I landed was Vancouver town
Stopped there for a while just to bide my time
Met a girl I fancied, swore I’d settle down
Promised her the world if she’d be mine


Raised up four strong children, working at a trade
Never dreamed I’d be a carpenter
My fair lady told me, “We’ve got mouths to feed
Kids can’t live on poetry and verse”

Tides kept on a-turning, empires rose and fell
Now our kids have children of their own
Crossed over the water, seems to suit us well
Grandkids come to see our island home


© 2011-2014 Peter Brunette

Tags: music, song, folk, singer-songwriter, ballad, autobiography, nature, mountains, history, geography, Canada, British Columbia, Vancouver Island, Strait of Georgia
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Vocals: Peter Brunette
Backup vocals: Corwin Fox
Fiddle: Trent Freeman
Guitar, banjo: Corwin Fox